Category: Case Studies

Union-Management issues

The client is a large international trading company of repute, employing several thousand people across the world. Its business interests include machinery, food, and chemicals. The Task The company had an ongoing conflict with the labour union. The union members were constantly threatening bodily harm to the management. As a result, several senior employees including HR […]

Interim management during COVID times

The client is an MNC manufacturing auto components for various auto brands. This is a joint venture company. There were undercurrents between the company stakeholders and its Indian counterparts. The crisis developed into a full-blown dispute during the COVID-19 lockdown where the international stakeholders were forced to leave India as a part of the lockdown […]

Reconciliation of disputes among staff

The client is an international billion-dollar elevator maintenance company. It provides maintenance, repair, and renewal of elevators and escalators. The Task The company got pushed into a dispute with a local family that had access to powerful political connections. Another ongoing problem was the disagreement between the company stakeholders and its employees which got escalated to […]

Exposing in-house corrupt practices

The client company is involved in the business of metal and metal products. Their products range from automotive forgings, ferrous crankshafts, axles, and other forged metal products. As a result, a considerable amount of scrap metal is generated. The Task INOJO‚Äôs primary task was to assess the reasons for losses of INR 20-30 lakhs per month […]