Union-Management issues

The client is a large international trading company of repute, employing several thousand people across the world. Its business interests include machinery, food, and chemicals.

The Task

The company had an ongoing conflict with the labour union. The union members were constantly threatening bodily harm to the management. As a result, several senior employees including HR members quit the company out of fear.

The union was making unreasonable demands despite the company paying good wages and providing various facilities.

Action Plan

Team INOJO, to sort out these issues, prioritised securing the plant and the staff members overnight.

They formulated a team of senior managers to engage in a dialogue with the intent of settling the differences.


Team INOJO soon figured out that there were a handful of miscreants behind this rife.  As soon as the plot got exposed, the disagreements between the union and management melted away.  Operations were back to normal and the guilty were dealt with legally.