Stuck at crossroads?
Every decision has consequences and not every decision is an easy one.

That’s why we are here.
A team of specialists to help you manage and overcome every crisis, faster and more effectively.

A sudden change, transition, or crisis can derail the operations of a business, even established ones. Converting every unpredictability into resolute, achievable, and quantifiable goals is what Inojo is all about.

Why Inojo?

Interim Management is the ideal prescription for companies in a hurry or caught in a crisis.

They may have a situation on their hands where there is an urgent need for a manager with specialised skills to handle a specific issue. There may be a circumstance when the current executive is unavailable or has left unexpectedly. That’s why we are here.

At Inojo, we offer specialised professionals, on short-term and long-term assignments, who are armed with the right set of exposures, skillsets, and perception to help guide your management to respond to every challenge, faster, more efficiently, and effectively.

What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is an excellent way to bring expertise and fresh thinking to an organisation. Informed decision-making not just helps corporates get out of sticky corporate jams, but helps to strategize and pursue long-term business growth, effectively.

Decision-making is a high-level cognitive process based on processes like perception, attention, and memory. Real-life situations require a series of decisions to be made.   In a changing and potentially challenging environment, Interim Management has professionals with expertise for every situation that helps them make informed decisions and respond effectively.

Our Services

Our services are customised based on the situations at hand.

Situations ideal for interim management


Solving complex situations where change, transformation and fresh strategy initiatives are essential. Providing highly experienced, specialised managers who can quickly assess a challenge and ensure rapid resolution.


Expertise is an excellent gauge to assess competency. When stuck at the crossroads, you need the right advisors to help guide you steer through troubled waters and increasing chances of success.


Interim Management provides the expertise and knowledge to fix specific problems when time is short; the need for solutions urgent or assignments have to be completed effectively, efficiently, and speedily.

We have experts to combat every crisis, no matter the magnitude or the business specialisation.

About Us

We at INOJO, are the ideal people who have a proven track record to provide the right resources to quickly fill a critical vacancy or head up various projects. We have the best managers and project executives to help when you need to address an urgent specific need or challenge.

We have successfully undertaken and completed assignments that required short-term consultancy to bring about change, and drive growth without unsettling the daily business of the client. We advise on issues that require a strategic perspective and neutral analytical assessments.

Passion to serve our clients better, being optimistic in our stride, and fostering accountability and transparency at every level is our agenda. As interim management professionals, we look forward to providing interim management services for businesses put in a situation by optimizing potential resources and processes for overall smoother functioning.

A few Interim Managers who were engaged in some of our past projects.

Case Studies

Having the right people in the right place at the right time is important. This is what interim management is all about. Here are a few examples of how Inojo as an Interim Management solutions team ironed out serious corporate hurdles.
  • Union-Management issues
    The client is a large international trading company of repute, employing several thousand people across the world. Its business interests include machinery, food, and chemicals. The Task The company had an ongoing conflict with the labour union. The union members were constantly threatening bodily harm to the management. As a result,… Read more: Union-Management issues
  • Interim management during COVID times
    The client is an MNC manufacturing auto components for various auto brands. This is a joint venture company. There were undercurrents between the company stakeholders and its Indian counterparts. The crisis developed into a full-blown dispute during the COVID-19 lockdown where the international stakeholders were forced to leave India as… Read more: Interim management during COVID times
  • Reconciliation of disputes among staff
    The client is an international billion-dollar elevator maintenance company. It provides maintenance, repair, and renewal of elevators and escalators. The Task The company got pushed into a dispute with a local family that had access to powerful political connections. Another ongoing problem was the disagreement between the company stakeholders and its… Read more: Reconciliation of disputes among staff
  • Exposing in-house corrupt practices
    The client company is involved in the business of metal and metal products. Their products range from automotive forgings, ferrous crankshafts, axles, and other forged metal products. As a result, a considerable amount of scrap metal is generated. The Task INOJO’s primary task was to assess the reasons for losses of… Read more: Exposing in-house corrupt practices

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As interim managers, our domain of expertise spans across industries. Challenges and tough situations are our forte. Do feel free to reach out to us by leaving your details in the form below.


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